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Coalescers & Separators


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coalesced water droplets

Coalescers and separators are specifically designed to separate liquids from liquids, particularly oil from water and water from oil, together with oil mist from air.


The coalescer elements are normally constructed using a pre-filter stage to protect and enhance performance of the coalescer section.

Coalescing Theory


Tiny droplets of water or oil contact and adhere to the strands of unique F&S Superglass used for the coalescing section. Flow (from inside to out) pushes the droplets along the strands until they reach an intersection where they combine with other droplets (coalesce) into large droplets.


The large droplets are carried to the outside surface of the cartridge and having a higher or lower specific gravity than the carrier fluid, release and settle to the bottom or rise to the top. The larger the droplets, the greater the efficiency.


Other liquids can be separated providing they are immiscible - where specific gravities differ and high concentrations of surface active agents are not present.

Coalesced water droplets releasing from the outside surface of the cartridge

Our coalescers and separators meet or exceed OEM standards, with replacement elements available for all major manufacturers including Alan Cobham; Facet; Faudi; Fram; Nelson; Schroeder; Velcon and Vokes.


Removal of water from fuel and lube oils ensures cleaner engine internals and the elimination of microbiological growth. Typical levels achieved would be 10ppm in fuel oil and 300ppm in lube oil.

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